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Edward Weaver is the husband of Maggie Weaver.


Early life

Edward allowed himself to be carried off during the Afterterrors in order to save his wife, Maggie.

The Green Ember

During the Citadel Congress at Cloud Mountain, Mrs. Weaver shares the story of her husband's capture. She also notes that her continual presence on the Mossy Porch is in hopes of eventually seeing Edward as she looks upon First Warren. Her account includes a confession that she has at times hoped that Edward has been spared suffering under the reign of the Preylords.

Ember Falls

Sween Longtreader meets Edward, alias Stitcher, after he requests that she be sent to his workplace in the High Bleaks. Upon her arrival, Edward introduces himself properly, and informs her that he didn't need her help in his work. His real reason for having her brought to him is so that he can hear her sing. Edward also enlists Sween as a spy, collecting information using her position in Morbin's lair.

Ember Rising

Sween mentions Edward to Heather after she arrives in Akolan, though she refers to him by his nickname. Heather later meets him herself in the Seventh District, and they learn of Garlen Canton's plans to halt any action on Victory Day. Horrified, Edward sets out to contact as many member of the district council as he can. He later joins Whittle Longtreader and several other members of the district in engaging Vitton's men atop the roof of Longtreader Command.

In accordance with a prearranged strategy, Edward and several other archers fire burning arrows at banners hung for Victory Day. The banners, made by Edward, catch fire, and the emblems of Morbin Blackhawk's tyranny burn away to reveal the emblem of the Cause and Blackstar's oath. One of the bucks then addresses him as "Mr. Weaver", and Heather realizes his identity. After she joyfully informs him of his wife's devotion, a tearful Edward explains how he accomplished the feat with the banners.

Ember's End

Maggie notes that, early in their relationship, she and Edward both met and were influenced by Harlan Seer. After the War for All Natalia, the reunited Weavers sit with Picket Longtreader and his friends and family at the first Feast of the Mending. They subsequently take up residence in the partially rebuilt First Warren near Helmer's Farm, where they are frequently visited by Picket. During one visit, Picket drops off some cabbage-which to Maggie's mind Edward has been eating too much of-and invites the pair to dine with his family.


Edward is a kind, elderly rabbit, fiercely loyal to the Royal family of the Thirty Warrens and their cause. Like his wife, Edward has a knack for sensing the character of other rabbits, though he is quick to admit that Maggie is more skilled at this than he is.


  • The name "Edward" is of Old English origin and means "rich guard."[1]
    • Additionally, the surname "Weaver" is of English origin and refers to the occupation of weaving cloth.[2]


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