. . . Father had strictly warned them never to go past [the] maple tree, never to come a step closer to East Wood. He had also told them to run full speed back to the house if they ever heard anything whatsoever from the eastern forest, even as small as a twig snapping.
— Chapter One: Heather and Picket Catch a Star, The Green Ember

East Wood is a large area of woodland in northern Natalia, located to the east of Nick Hollow and to the north of the Great Wood.


In the days of King Jupiter, the rabbits of the Thirty Warrens lived freely without interference by wolves or the Lords of Prey, who had been driven into the mountains. But when Morbin Blackhawk slew King Jupiter at Jupiter's Crossing, the Afterterrors began, and the East Wood was invaded by the Lords of Prey.

Physical description

It is separated from the Great Wood by the narrow area of clear land known as Jupiter's Crossing. Unlike West Wood, East Wood was visibly affected by the regime of Morbin Blackhawk over Natalia; many of its trees were dead and scraggly, and beneath its roof of dead branches was darkness — young Heather and Picket Longtreader were forbidden to enter it while they lived in Nick Hollow.

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