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Lieutenant Drand is a lieutenant of Halfwind Citadel.


The Last Archer

Lieutenant Drand and Jo Shanks developed something of a stormy relationship, with Drand thinking little of Shanks and Jo regarding Drand as his second least favorite officer at Halfwind after Captain Frye.

At muster on the day of the Archer's Cup prior to the Citadel Congress at Cloud Mountain, he chastised Jo for having a dirty sword. He threatened to bar Jo from the cup, and later chastised him for his obsession with the cup in light of the expected outbreak of war.

Drand and Jo had another run in at Cloud Mountain, with Jo spilling soup on his commanding officer. After being informed that Jo had been temporarily recruited into the Bracers, Drand informed Frye who expressed their displeasure to Nate Flynn.

Drand was among the soldiers caught up in the Attack on Cloud Mountain. He met with Frye and the Bracers outside the entrance to the Savory Den.

Ember Rising

Drand was later part of a group of fifty soldiers fleeing Cloud Mountain under the leadership of Lord Captain Helmer and Captain Picket Longtreader. As the two were about to depart on a mission to First Warren, leadership of the group was to be left to Drand.

However, they were attacked by a group of Terralain soldiers, during which engagement Drand suffered a slight wound. Fortunately they were soon reinforced by other soldiers under Jo Shanks and Coleden Blackstar, and the two groups parted with an uneasy truce. The experience left Drand shaken, and hoping never to have to fight the Terralains again.

Personality and traits

Drand is described as a tall rabbit. As an officer he is a strict disciplinarian, brooking no sloppy behavior on the part of the soldiers he commands.

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