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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

I am the prince who was to come, the self-waking one destined to lead the rising of our kind.
— The prince to Heather Longtreader, Ember's End, p. 218

The dragon prince was the leader of the dragons during the War for All Natalia.


Ember's End

The dragon prince introduces himself to Heather and Smalls, claiming to be the latest dragon keeper of the Tomb of Lander's Dragons in a line that began after the Dragon War. He shares with them the history of the conferences between Natalia's rabbit kings and the dragon keepers, while also noting that a considerable time has passed since the last. The prince further reveals that he helped keep Smalls alive by feeding him mossdraft when the dying rabbit was dropped into the tomb. He then asks for Smalls' help in working on a project deeper in the tomb, claiming that he is trying to prevent the tomb's collapse.

Smalls and Heather encounter The Keeper EE

The dragon prince reveals himself to Heather and Smalls in the Tomb of Lander's Dragons.

The prince later persuades Heather to follow him to a gateway, which he hopes she will be able to help him unlock. A cave-in occurs and they become separated, during which time Heather learns that there are other dragons awake in the tomb. Upon encountering the prince again, he attempts to force her to open the gateway with the Green Ember, but she discovers that it is no longer in her possession. The prince then reveals his true identity, and that he killed the last true keeper some time after hatching from his egg.

Having hatched an army of dragons, the prince seeks to penetrate the chamber behind the gate so as to unleash his kind upon Natalia and the unsuspecting rabbits. He prepares to kill Heather, intending to feed her to his minions, but is distracted when the gate opens from the inside and Smalls emerges. The prince attacks his rabbit counterpart, but is swiftly slain by Smalls wielding the Stone Sword of Flint. Heather and Smalls later collapse the tomb, insuring that the prince's dream of dragons reigning over Natalia once again does not long survive him.

Physical appearance

The dragon prince was a colossal dragon with dark, bulky skin. He had large hands with long claws on the end of each toe, and a long, thick tail. He had small, beady eyes that were pale in color, and a forked tongue.

Personality and traits

Unlike the other dragons whose eggs lay in the tomb, the dragon prince apparently was capable of hatching without the care of a keeper. He also possessed noxious breath that acted as a drug on rabbits, causing them to speak truthfully and leaving them vulnerable to the prince's will.

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