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Don't discarding the apple for the worm, discarding the worm for the apple.
— Doctor Zieger to Emma, The Green Ember

Doctor Zeiger is the head doctor at Cloud Mountain.


The Green EmberEdit

Doctor Zeiger looks after Picket's and Smalls' injured feet. He has an apprentice, Emma.

The Last ArcherEdit

Doctor Zeiger is mentioned by Emma as she tends to Jo Shanks.

Potter's WarEdit

Note: Because Potter's War has yet to be publicly released, Doctor Zeiger's role in the story shall not be disclosed on this wiki. Should S. D. Smith ever choose to publish Potter's War, a complete summary shall be added. Thank you.

Ember FallsEdit

When Heather returns to Cloud Mountain to tell Emma of her royal heritage, she meets Doctor Zeiger, who tells her where she is.

Ember RisingEdit

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Physical appearanceEdit

Doctor Zeiger is a large brown rabbit with long wispy white hair, and a strange accent. One of his ears is bent sideways while the other points toward the sky. He is often dressed in white and wears glasses that circle huge, wild eyes one of which looks the wrong way.