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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

Any friend of Captain Helmer's is a friend of mine.
— Meeker to Picket Longtreader, Ember Rising, p. 95

Dev Meeker was a buck and lieutenant of Harbone Citadel.


Early life

The son of a soldier, Dev Meeker served in Helmer's division during the last war in the reign of King Jupiter. Due to his youth at the time, he was referred to as "Meeker the Squeaker" or just "Squeaker." After the king's fall, Meeker's father died in battle with wolves, helping insure that a number of families were able to escape to Kingston. Meeker himself became an officer of Harbone Citadel, and was appointed gate commander the fall before the Battle for First Warren.

Ember Rising

Meeker was present at the gate when his old comrade Helmer and Picket Longtreader arrived on their way to First Warren. After catching up with Helmer and meeting Picket, Meeker used his rank to overrule the newcomer laws of Harbone. He also sent a runner, Rollins, to alert Harbone's council to the arrival of the two newcomers.

Meeker was later part of the unit that, under Lord Hewson, provided a distraction while Helmer and Picket entered First Warren. Their efforts succeeded, but most of the unit was apparently wiped out.

Ember's End

Despite the deaths of many of his comrades, Meeker survives to return to Harbone Citadel, and later becomes an officer of First Warren's Highwall Wardens.

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