The Crown of Flames is the crown of the rightful ruler of rabbits in Natalia, having previously served as a symbol of royalty on Golden Coast.


The Black Star of Kingston

The Crown of Flames was worn by the kings of Golden Coast down to King Gerard, with the tradition of bestowing the Green Ember upon the chosen heir being established prior to his time. Gerard had hoped to renew the tradition but lost his only son and heir before he could do so. As such, he bestowed the intact crown upon his chosen successor, Whitson Mariner.

Whitson did not make a point of wearing the crown often, but did renew the tradition by entrusting the Green Ember to his son Lander. He later wore the crown when he spoke to Fleck Blackstar about the Green Ember, asking for his support.

The Green Ember

The crown was passed down through Whitson's descendants until it came to King Walter Good; in the interval the tradition of bestowing the Green Ember upon the chosen heir had again been abandoned. Walter chose to renew it, having Chancellor Perkin remove the jewel from the crown so it could be given to Jupiter Goodson. The crown was later restored when Jupiter ascended to the throne, and Jupiter was known to have worn golden armor in battle presumably to match it.

Some time prior to his murder at the talons of Morbin Blackhawk, Jupiter had the Green Ember removed once again and given to his youngest son, Smalden Joveson.

The fate of the Crown of Flames following King Jupiter's death is unclear. In Cloud Mountain's Lighthall, one of the windows depicts the crown - minus the Green Ember - lying on the ground by the slain king at Jupiter's Crossing, about to be picked up by Garten Longtreader.

However, in the tenth window Luthe Glazier crafted an image of Prince Smalden wearing the crown in anticipation of his ascension to the throne. As such, it is unknown whether the crown was recovered by The Resistance some time after Jupiter's death, was taken as a trophy by Morbin Blackhawk, or suffered some other fate.

Physical description

The crown's name comes from the fact that it is made of gold and fashioned to resemble flames. Several jewels are set into the crown around the base, artistically placed to resemble the embers of a real fire. In its complete form, the Crown of Flames' center stone is the Green Ember, the largest jewel which sits above the wearer's face.

However, when the wearer of the crown has selected their heir and wishes to make it known, the Ember is removed and bestowed upon the chosen one, leaving an empty cavity within the crown.

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