The Longtreaders were all employed in this service, and Garten was our captain.
Wilfred Longtreader on the council, The Green Ember, p. 263

The Council of Seven Ambassadors was a group of diplomats assembled by Jupiter Goodson. Serving as the negotiating equivalents to the likes of Perkin One-Eye and Harlan Seer, they traveled across Natalia seeking to bring peace among its varied inhabitants.


The Green Ember

Whittle Longtreader, a former member of the council, spoke of the group and its purpose to Heather and Picket as he recounted The Rise and Fall of King Jupiter the Great. His brother Wilfred also mentioned Garten Longtreader's diplomatic efforts, and noted the participation of other members of the Longtreader family.

Unfortunately, the great work of the council began to crumble after Garten betrayed Jupiter to Morbin Blackhawk. The council ceased to exist, and Garten began working actively to break down the alliances he had previously helped to build.

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