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Coleden "Cole" Blackstar is the son of Lord Victor and Lady Blackstar and the twin brother of Heyna. He is a member of the Fowlers.


Ember Falls

Cole arrives at Halfwind Citadel with his sister Heyna and their father, and they join a meeting of Prince Smalden Joveson's council. Smalls later introduces the pair to Heather and Picket Longtreader, noting them as old friends of his. Lord Victor leaves the pair at Halfwind while he leaves with Smalls to return to Kingston. Cole is promptly recruited to fill a vacancy in the Fowlers under the command of Lord Captain Helmer.

Perkinson, one of the Fowlers, mentions having met Cole previously, and notes that despite his reserved nature Cole is a formidable warrior. At Cole's first training session with the Fowlers, he spots the first signs of the Attack on Halfwind Citadel, and tackles Helmer to the ground to save him from an enemy arrow. After briefly being pinned down by attackers, the Fowlers were reinforced by soldiers from Halfwind, though even then they were badly outnumbered. Following a short rest, Cole accompanies Helmer back out into the battle.

Halfwind's forces are saved by the timely arrival of the Terralain army under Bleston, who soon takes command of Halfwind. Some time later, the Fowlers discuss secret messengers sent to other citadels at lunch, and Picket announces his intent to leave himself. Cole later joins his comrades at the Fowlers' training course, but they are interrupted when Helmer and Captain Frye arrive with word of a wolf force marching on Cloud Mountain. The Fowlers prepare to march with the rest of Halfwind and Terralain's forces, but volunteer to investigate a sentry warning.

The cause for the warning proves to be a badly injured Wilfred Longtreader, returning with dire news: Smalls has been killed and carried away by the Preylords. While Heather and Perkinson leave to see to the safety of Emma, Smalls' sister and chosen heir, Cole and the others take Wilfred back to Halfwind Hospital. After Wilfred shares the details of Smalls' apparent demise, Picket confesses to urging him to attempt his foolish raid. Cole and Jo Shanks, initially unwilling to meet Picket's eyes, stop him from running away, and accompany him to rejoin the force after Wilfred speaks to him.

Cole joins in the charge at Jupiter's Crossing as the rabbits engage the wolf army, working with Jo to save Picket from an attacking wolf. Their group later retreats to Rockback Valley to regroup with their fellows. Upon finding that the Terralains have abandoned them, the bloodied bucks refuse to give in to fear. Led by Picket, they take their places at the front of the army, and then charge into battle against the wolves.

The Fowlers briefly regroup and, upon learning that there is no apparent hope of escape, Cole heads back into the fight. However, Picket is able to leave using a glider cape developed by Heyward, and secures aid that turns the tide. Many rabbits, Cole among them, are thus able to survive the intended massacre.

Ember Rising

Cole and Jo later led a group of other bucks into battle to reinforce a unit under Picket and Helmer, who were attacked by Terralains under Tameth Seer at Jupiter's Crossing. After forcing the Terralains to surrender and withdraw, the pair inform Picket that the remnants of Smalls' party-including Cole's father-have made it back to Cloud Mountain. They present Picket with Smalls' scarf, and comfort him as he bemoans his foolish counsel to the prince. As Picket and Helmer head out on their own mission, Cole and Jo bid them farewell before leaving to join Emma.

Acting as Emma's honor guard, the pair accompany her on a tour of the secret citadels. While stopped on the way to Blackstone, Heyna and Cole share their history with Emma at her request, including the tragic fate of their mother Lady Blackstar. Emma, learning of their shared family connection, accepts the Blackstars as cousins. Some time later, the twins and Jo rescue Emma when a secret meeting with Kylen nearly leads to her murder at the hands of Tameth Seer.

Cole later joins the vanguard of the Cause in the Battle for First Warren, fighting alongside Captain Frye before being reunited with Picket. The pair then come to the aid of Moonlight against Daggler and the Black Band. Cole engages Daggler in battle but is outmatched, but saved by Helmer's timely intervention. Emma's court then arrives, and Lord Victor stays behind to look after his son while the others enter the governor's palace.

Ember's End

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Physical appearance

Coleden is a black buck with a white patch. He closely resembles his twin Heyna. He is about the same age as Heather and Picket Longtreader.

Personality and traits

Cole is a reserved buck, well-versed in the affable etiquette of the court at his home of Kingston. Despite this, he can be quite friendly once he's gotten to know someone, joining in his fellow Fowlers' jokes and regarding them as brothers. He's also not afraid to ask questions or voice opinions.

Cole is a fearsome warrior, so skilled and fierce that growing up he had to train with groups of opponents rather than one-on-one. He is tall and strong-armed, while also possessing grace in battle.

Family tree

- The Blackstar Family -
Jon Blackstar
Unnamed wife
Whitson Mariner
Fleck Blackstar
Unknown wife
Lucianne Blackstar
Lord Blackstar II
Unnamed descendants
Lady Blackstar
Victor Blackstar
Coleden Blackstar
Heyna Blackstar


  • The name "Cole" is of English origin and is derived from the byname "Cola."[1] It means "victorious" or "dark-skinned."[2]
    • Additionally, the surname "Blackstar" is of English origin and is derived from the Old English word "blaecan," which means "to bleach."[3]


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