The Cloud Mountain clinic was the hospital area for Cloud Mountain prior to its abandonment.


The Last Archer

Jo Shanks becomes a patient at the clinic following the Bracers' encounter with a force of wolves in the forest near Cloud Mountain. Emma, who is in charge of his care, informs him that they are missing a large assembly as part of the ongoing Citadel Congress. Nate Flynn informs him what happened after he was knocked unconscious, and orders him to remain in the hospital under Emma's care.

Later, Jo is awakened by the noise of the Battle for Cloud Mountain, and stands guard with Emma at the hospital entrance as a number of wolves pass. Emma pleads for his help in continuing to defend the clinic, but ultimately allows Jo to join the rabbit countercharge. After the battle Jo is returned to the clinic for surgery on his shoulder, and is visited by Nate Flynn and Captain Frye. Following their departure, Emma gives him Heather's story to read.

The First Fowler

After spending some weeks in recovery at the clinic, Jo is cleared to leave by Emma, who in the interim has become a full-fledged doctor.

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