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Cloud Mountain is one of the secret citadels that housed a large colony of rabbits of the Resistance who referred to themselves as "The Heralds of the Mended Wood." It earned its name due to the mist that always forms a belt around its top.

The Secret Citadel of Cloud Mountain's symbol is a crest featuring two diamonds, the left one red and the other green, lying side-by-side. The green diamond represented the Green Ember, while the red one symbolized the Whitson Stone.


The Green Ember

After escaping from Nick Hollow, Uncle Wilfred and Smalls take Heather and Picket to Cloud Mountain where they are befriended by Emma, Helmer, Maggie O'Sage, Lord Rake and many others. Heather and Picket are welcomed into the community by the initiation ceremony.

Cloud Mountain is the location of a meeting of all the lords of the secret citadels, at which event Lord Rake and Maggie Weaver give speeches in the Master Hall that unite the somewhat reluctant lords of the citadels to oppose the Birds of Prey openly.

Potter's War

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Ember Falls

When the Terralain army is first spotted, the rabbits of Halfwind Citadel consider contacting Cloud Mountain for aid. However, as Lord Rake points out, Cloud Mountain itself is a potential target of the unexpected invaders. Ultimately the Terralain force travels to Halfwind, but Cloud Mountain comes under threat by a massive force of wolves and Birds of Prey led by General Flox and Gern. The united forces of Halfwind and Terralain march to Cloud Mountain's aid, but the Terralains refrain from joining in the Battle of Rockback Valley due to the treachery of Bleston.

After Lord Rake is killed in a treacherous attack led by Bleston, Garten Longtreader, and Perkinson, Picket manages to defeat two of the villains while Garten is allowed to leave per a deal with Emma. Emma promotes Picket to the rank of Captain and charges him with commanding Cloud Mountain's forces.

Former inhabitants




The entrance into Cloud Mountain was a secret door in the back of the Savory Den, which opened into a tunnel that led into the main citadel. Out of all the rabbit citadels it seemed to have the largest population of civilians.

Cloud Mountain had many locations within it, including:

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