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Here we anticipate the Mended Wood, the Great Wood healed. . . . We sing about it. We paint it. We make crutches and soups and have gardens and weddings and babies. This is a place out of time. A window into the past and the future world.
Maggie Weaver to Heather Longtreader on Cloud Mountain, The Green Ember, pg. 220

Cloud Mountain is one of the secret citadels that housed a large colony of rabbits of the Resistance who referred to themselves as "The Heralds of the Mended Wood." It earned its name due to the mist that always forms a belt around its top.

Cloud Mountain's symbol is a crest featuring two diamonds, the left one red and the other green, lying side-by-side. The green diamond represented the Green Ember, while the red one symbolized the Whitson Stone.


The Green Ember / The Last Archer

Heather, Picket, Smalls, and Wilfred Longtreader finally make it to the refuge of Cloud Mountain, entering the Savory Den to eat and rest. There, they met many of the rabbits of Cloud Mountain, most of which did not treat them too kindly, on account of their being related to Garten Longtreader, although the head cook Gort, the mischievous Kyle, and the friendly apprentice medic Emma befriended them, even though they spoke not too freely, as they were still under the initiation phase of their stay at Cloud Mountain. Heather and Picket are later welcomed into the community by the initiation ceremony.

After frightening off a mother and her young child who approached the maple, Helmer set his creations in motion. Set upon by numerous false birds, Helmer was almost killed, and only escaped due to the swift actions of Lord Rake, Wilfred Longtreader, and Smalden Joveson. Having recognized Smalls, Helmer was horrified at his endangerment of the heir to King Jupiter, but remained adamant about continuing his preparations for war.

Heather Longtreader visited Mossy Porch in the company of Emma, who introduced her to Maggie Weaver so that she could be taught about the purpose of Cloud Mountain to the Cause. Heather also witnessed painters at work, imagining scenes from the future Mended Wood.

Picket Longtreader later approached Helmer at the maple to ask for training as a soldier, but Helmer refused, prompting Picket to insult him. After being knocked down trying to escape a bird set loose by Helmer, Picket leaped at the older rabbit but was knocked back. Lord Rake, Emma, and Heather Longtreader then arrived on the scene, and Picket claimed that Helmer had been giving him some pointers. As the two does started to help Picket away, Helmer relented and initiated a calling ceremony, accepting Picket as his apprentice. Lord Rake reluctantly agreed to the arrangement under his own conditions, and Helmer instructed Picket to report for training the following day.

Picket did as ordered, and found Helmer reclining under the tree, a common position for the black rabbit who at times appeared to nap beneath its branches. The two soon launched into training, beginning with Helmer's instructions that "everything is a weapon" before going through a rigorous series of exercises. Despite Helmer's punishing methods, Picket greatly enjoyed the experience, and continued to visit the maple to receive Helmer's tutelage. Eventually, Helmer praised Picket's improvement, before discovering Picket's fear of heights after ordering him into the tree's branches.

After being apprenticed by Helmer, Picket Longtreader was ordered to report to the Mossy Porch every morning and afternoon to meet with Maggie. Heather, having heard troubling rumors about her family, fell asleep waiting to talk with Mrs. Weaver and then cried out in her bad dreams.

As Maggie attempted to offer Heather some comfort in her distress, Picket arrived for his second session with Mrs. Weaver. While Heather was outraged by the minor injuries Picket has sustained in his training, Maggie looked past them to see that Picket was enjoying the experience. After speaking with Picket briefly, she sent him off to be looked over before counseling Heather to let her brother find his own path. Heather remained skeptical, particularly after learning that, during subsequent visits, Picket's exchanges with Mrs. Weaver consisted primarily of her listening to him talk.

Lord Rake called for an assembly in Master Hall during the Citadel Congress at Cloud Mountain. After extending gratitude to the lords, captains, and soldiers of the secret citadels, he called upon Maggie Weaver to speak to the crowd. Her story and dedication stirred the crowd, helping to counter the feelings of dissension among the various members of the Resistance. A singer accompanied by two musicians then sang the song of Mended Wood.

Jo Shanks becomes a patient at the clinic following the Bracers' encounter with a force of wolves in the forest near Cloud Mountain. Emma, who is in charge of his care, informs him that they are missing a large assembly as part of the ongoing Citadel Congress. Nate Flynn informs him what happened after he was knocked unconscious, and orders him to remain in the hospital under Emma's care.

Following the attack on Cloud Mountain, Picket and Helmer continued to train together beneath Helmer's tree. They were sitting under it by a fire one night when Captain Frye arrived with word of the supposed discovery of Picket's abducted family.

Later, Jo is awakened by the noise of the Battle for Cloud Mountain, and stands guard with Emma at the hospital entrance as a number of wolves pass. Emma pleads for his help in continuing to defend the clinic, but ultimately allows Jo to join the rabbit countercharge. After the battle Jo is returned to the clinic for surgery on his shoulder, and is visited by Nate Flynn and Captain Frye. Following their departure, Emma gives him Heather's story to read.

Potter's War

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The First Fowler / Ember Falls

After spending some weeks in recovery at the clinic, Jo is cleared to leave by Emma, who in the interim has become a full-fledged doctor. When the Terralain army is first spotted, the rabbits of Halfwind Citadel consider contacting Cloud Mountain for aid. However, as Lord Rake points out, Cloud Mountain itself is a potential target of the unexpected invaders. Ultimately the Terralain force travels to Halfwind, but Cloud Mountain comes under threat by a massive force of wolves and Birds of Prey led by General Flox and Gern. The united forces of Halfwind and Terralain march to Cloud Mountain's aid, but the Terralains refrain from joining in the Battle of Rockback Valley due to the treachery of Bleston.

As Heather goes to visit Cloud Mountain under the protection of Perkinson to tell Emma both of Smalls' death and of her royal birth, she enters the Savory Den, which was empty, as it had been vacated in preparation for Morbin Blackhawk's attack on Cloud Mountain. For the brief time she was there, Heather thought somewhat sadly of how she had so many good memories of that place, where she used to laugh and talk with her friends. Heather and Emma later visited Mossy Porch after Emma learned that she was the daughter of King Jupiter. Mrs. Weaver revealed that she was aware of the fact, having suggested sending Emma into hiding to her mother, Lady Glen. She also explained further details about the queen before Lord Rake arrived. It was then revealed that, in addition to connecting to Hallway Round, the Mossy Porch also housed a secret entrance into Cloud Mountain. Mrs. Weaver served as the guardian of this portal, with the means to destroy it with blastpowder to prevent its discovery.

After Lord Rake is killed in a treacherous attack led by Bleston, Garten Longtreader, and Perkinson, Picket manages to defeat two of the villains while Garten is allowed to leave per a deal with Emma. Emma promotes Picket to the rank of Captain and charges him with commanding Cloud Mountain's forces.

Physical attributes

The entrance into Cloud Mountain is a secret door in the back of the Savory Den, which opened into a tunnel that leads into the main citadel. Out of all the rabbit citadels it seems to have the largest population of civilians.



The clinic was the hospital area for Cloud Mountain prior to its abandonment. It was headed by Doctor Zeiger, who was assisted by Emma.

Great Hall

Great Hall is a massive room in Cloud Mountain, a deep cavern with high walls of neatly carved rock lined with torches. The ceiling of Great Hall is a rough dome that seemed to go up forever. Upon the walls are huge windows that let in shafts of light. It is full of rabbits doing all sorts of work and contains a large number of booths, at one of which Eefaw Potter works. It also features an open area where the calling ceremonies take place.

Hallway Round

Hallway Round is a hallway within the heart of Cloud Mountain. It is round in shape and has three doors; the first leads to King Whitson's Garden, the Village Green and other places. The second leads to Great Hall, while the third leads to Maggie's porch.

In the center of the Hallway Round, a guarded barrel full of blastpowder was kept handy in case the enemy should enter. If detonated during an attack, the power of the blast would close off the passages all about, so as to keep invaders from entering and bringing their attack far deeper into Cloud Mountain.

King Whitson's Garden

King Whitson's Garden is an indoor garden located at the peak of Cloud Mountain. It has a glass-domed ceiling, and features statues of Whitson Mariner and Fleck Blackstar. A peaceful place, it is favored among Cloud Mountains' inhabitants.


Lighthall is located up near the Village Green. It is the location of the Cloud Mountain initiation ceremony, which is held to allow relative newcomers to Cloud Mountain to become members of the secret citadel. It is an octagonal room with stained glass windows, all of which were created by Luthe Glazier. Its entrance is a dim narrow hallway ending in light, and its interior is round with wood walls that are set off by ten multicolored glass windows of incredible height. The windows all feature scenes depicting the tale of King Jupiter and his heir, as described below:

  • The first window is divided into two different scenes. The center features Old King Good and Prince Jupiter with the gathering of all the nobility of the Great Wood. The top shows Prince Bleston and his malcontents.
  • The second window features the coronation of King Jupiter. He is shown in the center, backed by his soldiers, wearing the Crown of Flames, the Green Ember, and dazzling gold armor.
  • Third window: TBA
  • Fourth window: TBA
  • The fifth window depicts the victory of the Red Valley War against Garlacks, the wolf king.
  • Sixth window: TBA
  • Seventh window: TBA
  • The eighth window shows King Jupiter and Garten Longtreader with shattered instruments of war at their feet. This window is broken as Heather Longtreader and Emma escape from Cloud Mountain during the Battle of Rockback Valley.
  • The ninth window is divided into three parts. The circle in the center shows Jupiter's Crossing, a clearing between two woods. It is filled with hideous birds: Hawks, Eagles, Owls and Falcons. In the center an enormous blackhawk looms over the form of a brown rabbit with the Fire Crown on the ground beside him. The top section of the window shows Garten and Morbin looking down on the fallen King while Garten bends to pick up the Fire Crown. The bottom image of the window depicts the burning wood, as homes are destroyed and rabbits flee in terror as birds swoop in and wolves attack.
  • The tenth window features a vision of the mended wood. The top panel shows Smalls wearing the Crown of Flames complete with the Green Ember. During the Battle of Rockback Valley, this window is broken by an arrow shot by Bleston.

Master Hall

Master Hall is a large assembly hall in Cloud Mountain, large enough to contain the entire population and numerous guests from the various secret citadels.

Mossy Porch

Mossy Porch, also known as Maggie's porch, is a ledge on Cloud Mountain that somewhat resembles a porch. It looks out in the direction of First Warren in the Great Wood, but the view is typically obscured by Cloud Mountain's namesake mists. It was frequented by rabbits looking to visit its constant occupant, Maggie Weaver.


Cloud Mountain's plateau was home to the citadel's replica of the Seven Standing Stones. Though the stones were largely neglected for a number of years, they were maintained by a small number of votaries and Heyward, and a handful of faithful rabbits - such as Smalden Joveson and Jo Shanks - continued to visit them. Following Picket Longtreader's victory at Jupiter's Crossing, many rabbits turned back to the traditions of their forebears and the standing stones received more visitors. Garten Longtreader was later carried away from the top of one of the stones, while Heather Longtreader was carried away when she intervened to prevent Emma form giving herself up to Morbin Blackhawk.

The Savory Den

The Savory Den, also known as The Den, is a restaurant that serves as a front for the entrance into Cloud Mountain, as well as its cafeteria. It is located in a cave within Cloud Mountain, and masquerades as a simple inn/restaurant to keep the hidden Kingsbuck stronghold of the aforementioned mountain secret from Morbin Blackhawk's minions. Gort is the head cook of the Savory Den, and serves its patrons with the help of numerous assistants.

While living at Cloud Mountain, Heather and Picket often used the Savory Den as a place to eat and speak to friends although they did have some less-than pleasant confrontations with other rabbits who were suspicious of them, such as Captain Frye.

During the attack on Cloud Mountain, the Savory Den was turned into a hospital for the wounded.

Village Green

Village Green is an area at the peak of Cloud Mountain, near to where the village where most of the mountain's civilian inhabitants resided. It is also close to King Whitson's Garden, and is home to the tree where Helmer spent his free time. Heather, upon seeing the Village Green for the first time, described it as:

. . . a vision of green, gold, and white. The persistent mist hung about the edges of a green hillside, lit with glittering sunlight. There was a surprisingly wide, mostly flat area, but this soon gave way to the ever-tilting hillside. Around the rim of the village green, the hillside slanted up into stony outcroppings, ending in the mountain peaks that showed about the ring of Cloud Mountain. It looked like a broken bowl, with the green being the bowl’s inside bottom. Heather saw row upon row of vegetables of every kind — cabbage and corn, potatoes and turnips.

Village Green is also home to Helmer's tree. At some point after taking up residence on Cloud Mountain, Helmer claimed the maple for his own and turned it into the centerpiece of a training course. He surrounded it with dummies resembling wolves, and placed artificial birds in the branches, which were bare of leaves. The setup was designed to simulate a battle against multiple Lords of Prey and their wolf allies, with cords allowing the birds to swing through the air. The birds were equipped with blades, making the gauntlet a dangerous challenge for any soldier. The tree was later left abandoned after Helmer relocated to Halfwind to train the new Fowlers unit. Upon returning there just before the Battle of Rockback Valley, Heather observed a young buck playing beneath the tree, only to be carried off and scolded by his mother.

Other locations

  • The Caves

Former inhabitants


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