A Citadel Congress is a meeting of the secret citadels of the Resistance, several of which have occurred since the fall of King Jupiter.


The Green Ember/The Last Archer

At Lord Rake's invitation, a congress is held at Cloud Mountain, though tensions run high due to the suspicion directed at the Longtreader family. The gathering includes representatives from many citadels, including Blackstone, Halfwind, Harbone, Kingston, and Vandalia. Sadly, the gathering is rife with hostility, with many calling for the arrest and trial of Wilfred Longtreader. However, some good feeling is brought about by Maggie Weaver's words in an assembly.

The congress is interrupted by the Battle for Cloud Mountain, in which a force of wolves attacks the previously secret location. Forces from the citadels unite to repel and pursue the invaders, and later charge together at Jupiter's Crossing to protect Prince Smalden Joveson, who reveals himself as heir to Jupiter Goodson.

The First Fowler/Ember Falls

Though many of the citadels pledge themselves to Smalls, a number of holdouts remain, and Smalls' court thus plans to hold another congress at Kingston. In order to get the prince there, they first enact a mission to get him safely to Halfwind. Forces from Chelmsford Citadel arrive late to Cloud Mountain, but are quick to pledge their support to the prince. Unfortunately, Smalls' disastrous attempt to liberate a slave camp in the Shade Hills on the way to Kingston prevents the congress from occurring.

Ember Rising

At Harbone Citadel, the third citadel congress is mentioned, and it is noted that Lord Hews agreed then that Harbone would prepare assets for the eventual Battle for First Warren.

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