Heather: You're so happy. . . Everyone's so happy.

Emma: It reminds each of us of our own calling ceremony[.] . . . It reminds us that we belong.

Heather Longtreader and Emma, The Green Ember

A Calling ceremony is a type of rite of passage for young apprentice rabbits of all trades at Cloud Mountain and other secret citadels. It marks the formal beginning of one's apprenticeship.


Cloud MountainEdit

Picket becomes Helmer's apprentice TGE

Picket swears fealty to Helmer.

At Cloud Mountain, the calling ceremony involved (where possible) the apprentice, the apprentice's parents, the citadel lord, and the apprentice-master. It usually took place in the Great Hall, as seen in the case of Clove Halmond and Gloria Folds. First the citadel lord would give an opening statement, after which he blew a horn which signaled all the workers to stop their work. Once all the noise had died down, the apprentice-master would present their apprentice, whose parents would make a statement of their pride in their child. After these things, the apprentice and the master would give the following oath of acceptance:

Master: I accept you.
Apprentice: I am accepted.
Master: I bind you with all honor to release you better after.
Apprentice: I am bound, by honor and fealty to serve you.

An unorthodox ceremony was once held beneath Helmer's tree, with Helmer taking on Picket Longtreader as his apprentice. This was done without consulting-and indeed over the protests of-Lord Rake, and with no audience other than Heather Longtreader and Emma.

Halfwind CitadelEdit

At Halfwind, a ceremony was held for all guilds in Leaper's Hall.

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