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Burnley's Colliery is the name of a coal mine established near Kingston. It was named in honor of Burnley, a member of Black Star Company who perished during the Battle of Ayman Lake.


The Black Star of Kingston

The mine was excavated shortly after the formation of Black Star Company in the area of the Low Bleaks. The expedition originated from Fleck Blackstar's feelings that there might be coal in the region. Additionally, he thought it important to establish a foothold in the area of the Low Bleaks, as a defense against whatever might live in the High Bleaks.

Following the Battle of Ayman Lake, the newly elevated Lord Blackstar named the mine in honor of one of his fallen comrades.


  • The name "Burnley" is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from "Brun Lea," meaning "by the River Brun."[1]


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