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Burnley was a male rabbit and veteran miner from Golden Coast who became a member of Black Star Company in Natalia.


The Black Star of Kingston

Burnley was selected by Fleck Blackstar as one of his two veteran advisors in Black Star Company, the other being Galt. He thus took part in the early work of establishing Natalia's first coal mine, and was later given the privilege of informing King Whitson Mariner of the company's success. During the Battle of Ayman Lake, Burnley fought fiercely to protect the king and Prince Lander from the Lords of Prey. Sadly, he was mortally wounded during the struggle and died sometime before the destruction of Lillie.

Burnley's sacrifice was honored by the surviving rabbits of Seddleton, with Fleck taking Burnley's mining patch as his own. The newly elevated Lord Blackstar also named the mine Burnley's Colliery. King Whitson also built a ship which he named Burnley, which was placed under the command of Captain Grimble.

Physical appearance

Burnley was a dark-furred rabbit with a bit of a paunch. He wore a simple tunic, trousers, and belt, and carried both a sword and a pickaxe.

Skills and abilities

Burnley is described as having been a fairly large rabbit who wielded a pickaxe suitable for his size. Having worked as a coal miner on Golden Coast, he was respected by Fleck Blackstar for his wisdom and experience.


  • The name "Burnley" is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from "Brun Lea," meaning "by the River Brun."[1]


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