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There is no cost too high for doing what is right, and no retribution great enough for doing what is wrong. To believe otherwise is to surrender our liberty to lies.
— Lord Booker, to Emma, Ember Rising

Lord Booker was the citadel lord of Vandalia Citadel and the father of Lord Morgan.


Ember Rising

Lord Booker greets Emma and her escort at the gates of Vandalia and, despite his advanced age and failing health, bows to her. After singing a song in acknowledgement of Emma's status as princess, he escorts her inside. Booker admitted that he had little time left, but asserted his last son Morgan's readiness to succeed him.

Emma, touched by the Lord's unwavering loyalty and commitment to do as much as he could for The Cause, said of and to Lord Booker, "[y]ou are truly the jewel of the world . . . What I would give for fifty more like you."

Given Morgan's status as a Citadel lord by the time of the Battle for First Warren, it is presumed that Lord Booker died sometime after Emma's visit to Vandalia.

Ember's End

Lord Morgan mentions his father, being determined to led Vandalia's forces in his memory in the War for All Natalia.

Personality and traits

Lord Booker was described as a very dear, old rabbit. He wore a black medallion around his neck.

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