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Rhys Blackstar Rhys Blackstar 30 January


@MrBlackstar1 has been renamed @Rhys Blackstar.

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Abi sacco Abi sacco 15 January

some green ember poetry

i don't know why i am putting these here because they aren't very good. i wrote the first one this year when i read the third book


Alone, afraid

clashing steel,

whizzing bows,

a battle feel,

brave bucks, fight on

For dreams and memories,

a swooping glider,

the renowned fighter,

glides in to steal the flag,

he lifts it high,

landing on the statue, not shy,

he waves it on,

the raptor looms,

the double-diamond,

sends a flood,

of brave bucks,

he shoves it through,

the hawk is ended,

then flies off,

like he came

this second one i wrote several years ago. it was written after i read the first ten or so chapters of the second book. it's longer


clanging swords,

clashing troops,

rabbits swinging,

forming loops.

A horn is sounding,


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Heather Joveson Heather Joveson 30 December 2020

Some Fandom Ideas

  • I have an insanely simple theory that changes everything. So we have King Smalls right? Peace restored, and with it comes a second golden age. Heather is queen, and the two have a set-in-stone heir: Hanna Joveson. Perfect. --- Perfect? Maybe not.

Ember’s End was absolutely meant to be the last book, concluding the inspiring series. But, think about it. Since when does peace last forever? Some, I’m sure, would love to think it ended so happily, but I would LOVE to see the story continue.

Who’s to say that Hanna doesn’t turn? The good rabbits could not possibly wipe out all those who were evil. That means that there is always going to be someone out there who wants revenge on Smalls for destroying the evil reign. Maybe somebody out there either…

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Rhys Blackstar Rhys Blackstar 17 November 2020

Rap Battle ~ Heyna V.S. Emma

I posted this on NS, but thought y'all might want to see it too.

Smalls: You could have been anywhere in Natalia tonight! But instead, you’re here with us, in New City, for a rap battle!

Audience: *cheers*

Smalls: The issue on the table, who should marry legendary archer, Jo Shanks. Heyna, you have the floor.

Heyna: *Walks out, with the crowd cheering.*

Heyna: Emma!

You say you love Jo.

You want to be with him for life.

But let’s be real.

You don’t have what it takes to be a wife.

You can’t clean a house.

You can’t stitch up a blouse.


you’re as worthless as a mouse.

Audience: *OOOOOOOOHS*

Smalls: Princess Emma, your response.

Emma: *Looks Heyna in the eyes*

Emma: Heyna.

You try to trash me

Look me in the eye

See? I’m royalty.

I know how to sew, cook,…

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Abi sacco Abi sacco 29 October 2020

mystery characters: theories and evidence

The green ember has left us with a lot of characters we don't know. I have been thinking on this, and put my claim, evidence, and reasoning here enjoy!!!!!🧬🧫🧪⚗🔬🔭⚖🗡⚔🏹

Pilgrim: claim 1: Lord Captain Harlen Seer, evidence for: elite warrior, went on a journey, Came back with firstflower/trueblue, he knew Kylen was in danger, Evidence against: never met king Jupiter. 

          Claim two: king Jupiter, evidence for: good fighter, never met the king{you don't have to know him to be him} Evidence against: Jupiter died [or was he just knocked senseless] 

Commandant: Lord Captain Perkin one-eye. evidence: one eye, i-patch.  Against: is in Akolan

                      claim two: king Jupiter, no evidence. 

Maybe we will learn who these characters are in…

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ProfessorLayton15 ProfessorLayton15 9 October 2020


CybermanHorsecollar is now permanently ProfessorLayton15. Please do not try referencing CybermanHorsecollar because that's not his name any longer!

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ProfessorLayton15 ProfessorLayton15 11 April 2020

LGE Fangame Update 1

The first update for Legend of the Green Ember (LGE) is released! There is already a demo on the Gamejolt page , but it kinda stinks and is really, really, really short. Like 1 minute or less short. It only took a few minutes to throw together anyways.

So, the next demo I'm releasing soon should be much more fun. It'll be the Battle Demo (Name recommendations needed!) where you play as a young buck named Dawson and try to escape wolves. There will be choices to make (Are you loyal to the Cause?) and for once this story will take place during the Green Ember stories instead of after, like the full LGE will be.

So.... Any recommendations? Tips? Comments? I REALLY NEED FEEDBACK PLEASE!!! The most important part of this mission is that it's doin…

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ProfessorLayton15 ProfessorLayton15 3 April 2020

The Legend of the Green Ember

The Legend of the Green Ember is an upcoming fan game based on the Green Ember series. I'm low on ideas currently, so I need all the help I can get from the smart people here.

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J.S. Clingman J.S. Clingman 21 January 2020

The Green Ember Series Gross Revenue (estimates by a fan)

In one of S. D.'s recent emails, entitled "The Green Ember is Five Years Old", he related to us that "[s]ometime last year, we passed half a million copies sold in the series, and then went on to have our best period of sales ever." 500,000+ copies sold! Can you all believe it!? Kudos to S. D. and the team at Story Warren!

Anyway, based on that information, I decided to attempt to estimate how much the series has generated in gross revenue. (I'm sort of obsessed with big numbers XD.) In order to do this, I had to assume a few things:

  • That the total amount of Goodreads ratings for any one book of the series is directly proportional to the amount of copies that book sold.
  • That the current prices on Amazon have remained the same over that total …
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Pinkpeony73 Pinkpeony73 30 September 2019

Userboxes ch.4

More userboxes for the newest slew of merchandise!

-- UserOwnsEE

-- UserOwnsTFF

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 11 September 2019

Terralain History Theories

Terralain...the lost valley of stars, the hidden city where every rabbit was meant to be equal. The idea of Terralain has permeated The Green Ember series, and even made its way into one of the Tales of Old Natalia. Despite this, we still no very little about the history of this mysterious community of rabbits-though, considering how S. D. Smith loves to tease us with hints of a greater mythology, it's hardly alone in that regard. Still, we know enough for me to posit some theories, which I thought I'd share here:

  • Following The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, Galt presumably takes off to found Terralain. I'd imagine he kept some sort of contact with Whitson's rabbits; otherwise, the idea of Terralain's name being known to them, even as a myt…
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Silt the Mudwing Silt the Mudwing 1 August 2019


Tell me if I missed any on that last poll!

Signed, Silt 19:44, August 1, 2019 (UTC)

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 15 July 2019

Green Ember film series trailers

So the topic of a possible Green Ember film series is something I've brought up before, and there's probably lots more that could be discussed on the subject. However, of late I've been thinking over the idea of trailers for such films, and in particular how such trailers might be accompanied by music. These would presumably be the teasers, as I imagine full trailers would follow the usual Hollywood pattern and feature character dialogue from the film. However, I have a couple of ideas with regards to such teasers that I wanted to put out there.

I figure that The Green Ember or Ember Falls-currently favoring the former-would be set to The Mended Wood, with scenes reflecting the lyrics. I imagine flocks of birds flying through the air, savage a…

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Pinkpeony73 Pinkpeony73 14 March 2019

MORE Userboxes

I know, I know. I probably am obsessed with making userboxes. It's just that they're so fun. ^^

Merchandise ones, this time! Designed specifically for showing off. xD Enjoy!

-- UserOwnsMug

-- UserOwnsNecklace

-- UserOwnsShirt

-- UserOwnsMusic

-- UserOwnsSword

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J.S. Clingman J.S. Clingman 12 March 2019

The MBTI types of the characters of The Green Ember series

Dia Duit! So a few months back, I found this personality test online that you can take for free and read and discover your personality. The test was based on the MBTI (Myer-Briggs Type Indicator), with which I immediately fell in love (so to speak). Since then, I've been into the MBTI and found that with a general knowledge of how it all works, you can type a person or fictional character once you get to know them, which proves to be very interesting (for me, anyway). (The MBTI is also very good at helping you understand other people and I totally recommend it!)

Each personality the MBTI assigns is basically a four-letter acronym that indicates one's personal preferences and habits, a.k.a. one's personality. There are eight letters and sixte…

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 28 February 2019

Predictions for The Green Ember Book 4

So we know from S. D. Smith that we shouldn't expect the next installment in The Green Ember series for a while. I'm okay with that, as it sounds like he really wants to make sure he does it right, and I'm not going to complain about a creator wanting to make sure his creation is the best it can be. Still, I figure while we're waiting, I'll share a few predictions I have about what might happen in the book, and see what others have to say as well.

  1. The title will presumably continue the theme of the previous books, and include "Ember" somewhere. I'm thinking something like Ember Burns (or Burning) would work. Of course, Mr. Smith could always throw us a curveball and do a totally different title. If that's the case, I could see The Ruling(or Whitso…
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Pinkpeony73 Pinkpeony73 13 February 2019

My trip to S. D. Smith's Green Ember LIVE

The following is my experience while visiting S. D. Smith's Green Ember LIVE. I am putting as much detail as I can remember into this post, not to brag or anything, but simply because I want to always remember as much as I can about it. :)

We arrived at the church about 45 minutes early and walked in; there weren't many other cars in the parking lot, but the sanctuary was already about 1/6th full. Luckily, there were some good middle seats left, and we took those. While we waited for the show to start, we looked around. Music from Melodies for The Mended Wood: Volume One was playing via the speakers, the lighting was low, and it was all very serene. More and more people kept arriving until the sanctuary was nearly full, save for the back few …

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 10 January 2019

Casting a Green Ember film or series.

So a recent Instagram from S. D. Smith caught my eye with regards to this topic, and I thought I'd put the question out there. Were they to make a movie or a "TV" series based on The Green Ember series, who would you like to see cast as various characters?

I honestly need to put some more thought into it myself. The only real candidate I've come up with is Kevin Conroy for the voice of Helmer. If you're wondering why, it's because Joel Clarkson's performance of Helmer gave me and my sister a Batman vibe.

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Revona Revona 26 October 2018

Is Smalls Alive?

I have a theory, okay, so I know it’s far fetched… but I am CRAZY about the green ember and my favorite character is smalls, so I have to dream a little. I have based my theory on facts and direct quotes from the green ember, FYI you will want to have read all three books in the series (green ember, ember falls, ember rising). if you noticed, in book one when Wilfred tells us IN DETAIL about the king dying, there are several clues. this is on page 269:

“You are betrayed Jupiter,’ 

Morbin said triumphant, spiteful rasp.


the king said, 

‘but it will not hold. All will be well.’ 

“Well? Well?’ 

he sneered. 

‘You are captive, O great and mighty king. You will die,’ 

morbin said. 

“Yes, I will. But already an answer to this treachery and murder f…

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Kilmarnock228 Kilmarnock228 25 October 2018

What other Green Ember book would you like to see most?

So I'm sure we're all excited for The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner: Tales of Old Natalia II and eagerly anticipating The Green Ember Book 4 afterwards. But...

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HelmertheBlackhearted HelmertheBlackhearted 20 October 2018

Helmer's Blog

Hello, friends and Fowlers. It is I, Helmer (Not really I'm just posing as my favorite Green Ember character)



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Pinkpeony73 Pinkpeony73 28 July 2018

More userboxes

Well, I was feeling creative again, so I decided to make some more user boxes! Yay! Please take a look and tell me what you think. Feel free to put any on your profile page! :)

- SmallsFan

- PicketFan

- EmmaFan

- JoFan

- FleckFan

- HelmerFan

- HeatherFan

- WhitsonFan

Peony Bear the flame! 16:09, July 28, 2018 (UTC)

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J.S. Clingman J.S. Clingman 10 July 2018

If The Green Ember was adapted into a movie...

This is just a collection of polls and questions I came up with when considering how The Green Ember would be best adapted as a movie.


Who would you like to make the music?

What do you think an ideal budget would be to make the movie "good"?

How do you think the public and critics would receive it?

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J.S. Clingman J.S. Clingman 26 June 2018

S.D. Smith has visited our Wiki!!!!

It's happened folks: S.D. Smith has visited our wiki and even made some edits! The interesting thing is that he found it via a message I sent to him which contained a question about Natalia. Anyhow, here is his user page.

God Bless, and Happy Editing! ;)

"ℌ𝔦𝔰 𝔏𝔬𝔳𝔢 𝔑𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔯 𝔉𝔞𝔦𝔩𝔰!" (𝙻𝚎𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝙼𝚎 𝙰 𝙽𝚘𝚝𝚎) 20:02, June 26, 2018 (UTC)
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J.S. Clingman J.S. Clingman 21 June 2018

On S.D. Smith Visiting This Wiki

Hello, Fellow Emberites!

It occured to me just recently that perhaps S.D. Smith himself will sometime come upon our little wiki! Who else thinks that that would be exciting??

I think the likelihood of that occuring is actually pretty good, because when you enter a Green Ember character's name into the Google search bar, the first result that comes up is a link to that character's page on our wiki!! Who knows, maybe someday he'll come and edit. What do you think of a possible prospective visit from S.D. Smith?

𝓗𝓲𝓼 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓝𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓻 𝓕𝓪𝓲𝓵𝓼! - ♔J.S. Clingman♔ a.k.a. Fëalórin (My User Talk) 21:28, June 21, 2018 (UTC)

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Pinkpeony73 Pinkpeony73 19 June 2018

Wiki adoption


For any who may not know, J.S. Clingman and I recently both submitted adoption requests for this wiki, and we decided - after note from a FANDOM employee - that I will be the adoptee should my request be accepted. If I do receive promotion, I will then promote J.S. Clingman to administrator also.

I just wanted to put this out there: if anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns about the upcoming adoption, please don't hesitate to let me or J.S. know! :)

Thanks! ^^

🌷Peony Lioness Warrior🌷 22:47, June 19, 2018 (UTC)

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J.S. Clingman J.S. Clingman 18 June 2018

On What to Call Green Ember Fans

I've been thinking, folks. You see, I am a Tolkien fan, and I know very well the many terms I like to call myself as such: "Tolkienite," "Tolkienian," "LOTRian," and "Tolkiendil" are just a few of them. Today I decided to think on what I ought to call myself as a Green Ember fan. Here's what I've come up with:


"Gemberian" ("G" for "Green")


What do you think of these newly-coined terms, and which one is better? ;)

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Pinkpeony73 Pinkpeony73 16 June 2018

New userboxes

Aye! Peony here.

I was feeling creative, so I decided to make some fun userboxes for the TGE books. Tell me what you think of them, and feel free to use them on your profile pages! (I don't own any books yet, but I'm thinking about buying some)

I'll make some for characters and such as well!

- UserOwnsTGE

- UserOwnsEF

- UserOwnsER

- UserOwnsStar

- UserOwnsTLA

- UserOwnsWreck

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J.S. Clingman J.S. Clingman 14 June 2018


Mae Govannen, Dia Duit, and Greetings to everyone who sees this blog post! If you are or would like to become an editor here at this wiki, please comment on this blog post so that we may become acquainted!

Navaer! God Bless!

- J.S.

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