Fleck Blackstar, the originator of the oath.

Blackstar's oath is an oath originated by Fleck Blackstar among the rabbits of Natalia. Though originally serving as the oath only of Black Star Company, it afterwards expanded to include the entire Natalian military by the time of King Jupiter.

The oath

Originally, the oath consisted only of:

My place beside you,
My blood for yours.

During the Battle of Ayman Lake, however, Fleck added additional lines that were later adopted for the full oath. He did this in honor and to preserve the memory and destiny of Kings in Natalia. As Whitson had told him, the tradition back in Golden Coast was to name your heir and bestow upon them the Green Ember, a sign as the heir’s right to rule over Natalia. The oath became this:

My place besides you,
My blood for yours.
'Til the Green Ember rises
Or the end of the world.
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