The Black Gap is a ring of burned-away ground that circles First Warren. It was created by either Winslow and his minions, or Falcowit, as a means of which to see the advance of any hostile army within a wide radius of the Warren. 


Ember RisingEdit

Many rabbits of The Resistance have tried to cross the Black Gap and failed, including Gendo BavinsonLieutenant Frale, and Jorn LinLord Hewson and his company were all slain after helping launch Picket and Helmer across the Gap. 

Helmer and Picket Longtreader were the first to succeed in crossing the Black Gap by launching themselves over it with a catapult and engaging their staff-gliders (invented by Heyward) en route for a smoother flight and safer landing.


  • It has been deemed near-impossible to cross the Black Gap without dying in the attempt, due to the ever-watching vigil of Falcowit's raptor sentinels, that perched themselves all around the perimeter of First Warren.