The Black Band was a cruel secret police force of rabbits in First Warren during the city's occupation by the forces of Morbin Blackhawk. It was led by Daggler, lieutenant governor under Winslow Joveson, and served as First Warren's counterpart to the Longtreader administration in Akolan.



The Black Band was presumably founded in First Warren during or following the Afterterrors, probably around the time Winslow accepted his puppet title of governor. It's leader, Daggler is known to have been a disgraced soldier from the army of King Jupiter. The band's primary purpose was the suppression of rebel activity within First Warren. This included keeping suspected or possible insurrectionists-Rabbits of Extreme Interest-under watch, as well as capturing and killing rabbits of various ages in order to instill fear into the citizens of First Warren.

Ember Rising

The band's greatest opposition came in the form of Captain Moonlight and his forces from the Citadel of Dreams, who opposed the Black Band whenever possible despite their fewer numbers. This antagonism would culminate after Picket Longtreader and Lord Captain Helmer infiltrated the city on the orders of Princess Emma. Upon learning of their arrival at the home of Helmer's sister Airen, the Black Band moved in to capture the new arrivals and Airen's family. They succeeded in capturing Airen and subduing Helmer, but the pair were later rescued by Moonlight's forces with the assistance of Picket and Louise, Airen's daughter.

Shortly thereafter, the Black Band would be sent to trail resistance members posing as Picket, Helmer, and Whitbie Joveson to the Citadel of Dreams. However, Moonlight's forces laid a trap, and the hidden location was destroyed with explosives that presumably killed a number of the band. Other members of the band would engage Moonlight's forces during the Retaking of First Warren, greatly reducing the numbers of the resistance faction. However, they were defeated thanks to the efforts of Picket, Coleden Blackstar, and Helmer, the latter slaying Daggler during the fight.

It is unknown whether any members of the Black Band survived the Battle of First Warren, or whether any accepted Emma's offer of a blanket pardon to former members of her brother's puppet regime.


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