Bill Tollers was a rabbit who served under Lord Hewson at Harbone Citadel.



Bill Tollers lived at Harbone Citadel and served under Lord Hewson. At some point in time he attempted to get into First Warren by hiding in a barrel and trying to float through the levee into the city. He was killed in the attempt.

Ember Rising

Bill is mentioned by Captain Redthaw, who brings up the subject of Bill's death when Picket Longtreader suggests the same plan by which he died in order to get Helmer and himself into the First Warren to stir up the Resistance there.


  • The name "Bill" is of English origin and means "determined protector."[1]
    • Additionally, the surname "Tollers" is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is derived from the Latin word "tollere," which means "tax collector."[2]


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