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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32
Whitson Mariner: In the old tradition, a king made succession clear by passing the emerald to his heir. The prince kept it as a down payment of his future inheritance and a sacred stewardship to guard while he awaited the day of his own rule. So, if the crown of flames falls...

Fleck Blackstar: The Green Ember rises...

The Black Star of Kingston, p. 84

The Bestowal of the Green Ember is a ceremony in which the heir of the Royal family of the Thirty Warrens receives the Green Ember as a token of the throne and crown they will eventually inherit.


The Black Star of Kingston

The tradition of rabbit monarchs removing the Green Ember from the Crown of Flames and bestowing it upon their heir dates back to the earliest days of rabbit monarchs. It seems to have been abandoned at some point, as Gerrard, last king of Golden Coast, intended to reinstitute it prior to the death of his only son. Instead, he conferred both the crown-complete with the Green Ember-and the Ruling Stone upon his chosen successor, Whitson Mariner. Whitson later gives the Green Ember to Lander, though no specifics are given.

The Green Ember

By the time of King Walter Good, the bestowal seems to have once again fallen out of fashion. After calling together various representatives for the ceremony, Walter expressed his intent to continue the custom once again. At his behest, Chancellor Perkin removed the Green Ember from the Crown of Flames, and King Good then lifted it in his hands and spoke the following words:

My son, my life, my heir, my glory: Jupiter Goodson, rise and come forward. Receive this token of your calling.
— King Walter Good, The Green Ember, p. 261

Jupiter later bestowed the Green Ember upon his own chosen heir, Smalden Joveson; however, this fact was not made generally known, and no details of the event are mentioned.

Ember Falls

After Prince Smalls' apparent death, the Green Ember is given to his sister and chosen heir Emma by Picket Longtreader, to whom Smalls entrusted the Green Ember before leaving on an ill-fated journey to Kingston. Picket hung the Green Ember on its chain around Emma's neck, and those soldiers present and able to stand pledged themselves to her with Blackstar's oath.

Ember's End

Smalls mentions to Heather that he was given the Green Ember while still an infant, and that Garten and Wilfred Longtreader were among those present at the event.

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