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The Battle of Ayman Lake was a skirmish between the rabbits of King Whitson Mariner and Lord Fleck Blackstar and the Lords of Prey; it happened at the beginning of rabbit civilization in Natalia, only a little while after Whitson Mariner had brought his people from the Golden Coast to the settlement of Seddleton.


The Black Star of KingstonEdit

Fleck Blackstar led an expedition of brave rabbits from Seddleton across the waters of Ayman Lake to the site of the future settlement of Kingston to mine coal for the winter. One of Fleck's bucks ran into the forest and didn't come back, and Fleck suddenly rushed into the woods to look for him the following day.

When he found him, he took him back to the expedition's campsite; he was chased, however, by a group of the Lords of Prey - great, wicked birds who inhabited the mountain clefts of Natalia.

His bucks boarded their ships along with him to flee back across the lake to Seddleton. The flight was unsuccessful, and Fleck decided that if they wanted to survive, they would have to fight for their lives.

The Lords of Prey boarded his ships, and he and his bucks fought till the sunrise. Fortunately, King Whitson came to their aid aboard the ship Lillie, and they were able to drive back the horde of raptors, albeit at the loss of some of their ships and many bucks' lives.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson MarinerEdit

The battle is referenced by King Whitson Mariner as he recalls all that he and his subjects have been through in the past.

Later, Massie Burnson privately recalls the events of the Battle of Ayman Lake and how Fleck Blackstar had risked his life to save King Whitson Mariner.