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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

The Battle for Cloud Mountain, also known as the Attack on Cloud Mountain, was a diversionary tactic employed by wolves under Morbin Blackhawk and Redeye Garlackson.


The Green Ember

After destroying Decker's Landing, the wolf forces established a garrison in its place that slowly increased in strength. Kylen of Terralain, acting as an agent for his father Bleston, met in secret with the captain of the garrison. Between them, the two orchestrated a plan in which Smalden Joveson, the heir of King Jupiter, would be lured from Cloud Mountain. At the same time, the garrison would launch an attack on Cloud Mountain to distract its rabbit inhabitants, which at the time were swelled due to a Citadel Congress.

The attack was launched successfully, and a retreat called after a number of rabbits had been killed by the wolves. However, Kylen's treachery was discovered by Heather and Picket Longtreader, who acted to mitigate the damage from the attack. While Picket traveled to Jupiter's Crossing to save Smalls, Heather assembled reinforcements to go to their aid. Due to their brave actions, Smalls was saved and Redeye Garlackson killed, preventing the downfall of the Resistance.

Potter's War

Note: Because Potter's War has yet to be publicly released, the Attack on Cloud Mountain's role in the story shall not be disclosed on this wiki. Should S. D. Smith ever choose to publish Potter's War, a complete summary shall be added. Thank you.

The Last Archer

Jo Shanks took part in the countercharge against the wolves, joining personnel from each of the secret citadels as well as the Forest Guard. This force, which included a number of archers, was later attacked as a number of wolves turned to attack their pursuers.

The First Fowler

In the aftermath of the battle, the wolf forces stationed at Decker's Landing were increased, presumably in preparation for a full-scale assault on Cloud Mountain.
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