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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32

Seen this rabbit...At battle last. Master archer, this. Maked shot to split my arrow halfway to rabbit doe's back. A can't-have ever shot.
— Bant on Jo Shanks
The First Fowler, p. 82

Bant was a wolf archer in the company of Redeye Garlackson.


The Last Archer

During the Battle for Cloud Mountain, Bant and several other wolves entered a clearing only to spot Heather Longtreader running across it. While his comrades moved to intercept her Bant, who was out of arrows, searched for an arrow with which to shoot her down. Jo Shanks, in spite of terrible injuries, managed to take out each of Bant's comrades. Bant released his arrow before Jo could stop him, but Jo miraculously was able to split it in the air with a shaft of his own.

The First Fowler

Having retreated with the other wolves, Bant later came under the command of Preylord Solus, and was part of a force set to block Prince Smalden Joveson's route to Halfwind Citadel. Unexpectedly, he and several other wolves came across Jo, who had supposedly been left to them for betraying the Cause. Recognizing the rabbit, Bant informed his superior, an older wolf Jo had dubbed "Black Stripe." However, Jo's confinement was a ruse, and with the aid of his friends he was pulled to safety, killing both Black Stripe and Bant from the air.

Personality and traits

Like most wolves, Bant was savage and cruel, eager to kill rabbits and having no qualms about killing defenseless enemies. Unlike wolf officers such as Flox or Blenk, he had a somewhat awkward speech method.

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