Ayman Lake was a large body of water in Natalia. King Whitson Mariner and his rabbits built the settlements of Seddleton and Kingston upon its shores after they had fled from the Golden Coast.


The Black Star of Kingston

Fleck Blackstar and the rabbits he has under his command sail across Ayman Lake to mine coal in the future establishment of Kingston, which was at that point, nonexistent.

When they are attacked for the first time by the Lords of Prey, they start to attempt to flee back across it to the safety of Seddleton.

The Birds overtake them, however, and they are forced to fight a battle now known as the Battle of Ayman Lake. The rabbits won in the end, but at a great cost to themselves.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner

Ayman Lake is mentioned by King Whitson Mariner as he recalls all that he and his subjects have been through in the past.

Later, Massie Burnson privately recalls the events of the Battle of Ayman Lake and how Fleck Blackstar had risked his life to save King Whitson Mariner.


  • The name "Ayman" is of Arabic origin and means "blessed" or "settled."[1]



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