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Massie Burnson, The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner, p. 32
Anders: Sir, I've been interrogating all morning and have just found out the most incredible intelligence.

The Commandant: How did you obtain this intelligence, lieutenant?

Anders: The outwaller volunteered it, sir...He wanted to trade the information for the life of his twin younglings. I agreed, knowing we could always do whatever we wanted anyway once the intel was secured.

Ember Rising, p. 350

Anders is a lieutenant of Longtreader Command in Akolan


Ember Rising

On Victory Day, Anders interviewed a member of the Seventh District who had decided to betray the Cause to save his twin children. After learning about the Seventh District's assets and plans, Anders went to the roof of Longtreader Command's headquarters and reported the information to the Commandant and Captain Vitton. The Commandant ordered Anders to remain there until they could go and interrogate the rabbit further. However, unbeknownst to Anders, the Commandant himself was an agent of District Seven, and after springing an ambush against Vitton he held Anders at swordpoint to keep him from escaping.

It is unknown what became of Anders afterwards.

Personality and traits

Anders appears to have been a loyal officer of the Longtreader administration, with no qualms about employing underhanded methods to further the aims of his superiors. This was shown in his willingness to trade the promise of safety for information, while secretly planning to betray an informant once they had shared their secrets.

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