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Airen is the twin sister of Helmer and the mother of Louise and Layra.


Early life

Airen and Helmer grew up together in First Warren, with young Airen taking delight in teasing, tormenting, and bullying Helmer into various activities. These included pulling a prank on several naval officers at a party, something Helmer was reluctant to take part in. On another occasion, however, Helmer and Snoden - a mutual friend whom Airen later married - swam to Forbidden Island. Airen became furious with the pair for not including her in the adventure.

Whereas Helmer was able to escape First Warren the horrors of its time under the rule of Morbin Blackhawk, Airen was not so fortunate. Her husband Snow was killed during the occupation, and Airen herself was kept under surveillance by Daggler and his Black Band. Having given birth to twin daughters, Louise and Layra, Airen complied with the wicked regime and asked that The Resistance - led in First Warren by Captain Moonlight - leave her family alone. Sadly, the Black Band later came and took Layra away while Airen and her daughters were on an outing.

Airen made inquiries after the fate of her daughter, and was brutally informed that Layra had been killed and that Louise would share her fate if Airen continued asking questions. This loss proved devastating to Airen, who soon confined herself to her family home. She became a shadow of her former self, and the brunt of caring for the family farm fell on Louise, who could barely cope with the yard immediately around the house.

Ember Rising

Helmer and Picket find Airen living in disillusionment and continual grief for Layra. Helmer is greatly distraught, blaming himself for not being there for Airen when Layra was taken and murdered by Daggler.

Later, Airen is rescued from Daggler's band by Moonlight and his bucks. She is taken to the Citadel of Dreams, where she and Louise are reunited.

After Picket and Helmer were rescued from Daggler and safe in the Citadel of Dreams, Airen, Louise, Picket, and Helmer all sit down for a meal. They are all surprised and joyed to find Airen making casual jokes at the expense of Helmer, evidencing that she was beginning to finally be healed from her years of grief.

Ember's End

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Following the War for All Natalia, Airen sits with Picket and Weezie-now married-and Picket's other family members at the first Feast of the Mending. She and Wilfred Longtreader marry as well, and adopt fifteen children orphaned as a result of the war.

Physical appearance

Airen strongly resembles her twin brother, Helmer; specifically, she bears his coal-black fur.

Personality and traits

Though once a young doe filled with spirit and lust for life, Airen is now mournful and hollow, traits that grew from the deaths of her husband and daughter. Despite this, however, Airen still makes room in her heart for what family she has left, as seen when she expresses pleasure over seeing her brother, Helmer.


  • The name "Airen" originated in the United Kingdom and means "my love" or "loved person."[1]

Family tree

- Helmer's Family Tree -
Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Brindle Cove
Unnamed wife
Unnamed ancestors
(including Helmer's great-grandfather and father)
Wilfred Longtreader
Snoden (deceased)
Picket Longtreader
15 unnamed adopted children
Jo Longtreader
Unnamed children

Note: Broken lines indicate relation through affinity or adoption or distant relation; unbroken lines indicate relation by blood.

- The Longtreader Family -
Unnamed ancestors (possibly including Forsythe Longtreader)
Garten Longtreader
Wilfred Longtreader
Whittle Longtreader
Sween Longtreader
15 unnamed adopted children
Smalden Joveson
Picket Longtreader
Jacket Longtreader
Unnamed children
Jo Longtreader
Unnamed children

Note: Broken lines indicate relation through affinity or adoption or distant relation; unbroken lines indicate relation by blood.


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