The Afterterrors were a series of events that took place in First Warren following the murder of King Jupiter, hence the name.


Morbin Blackhawk's forces, under the leadership of Gern and Redeye Garlackson, attacked the city of First Warren in the absence of the king's army. Horrific losses were incurred, with many Rabbits being killed while much of the city and the Great Wood around it was burned. Among those lost were Finbar Smalls and Jo Shanks' mother, while other rabbits like Edward Weaver were taken prisoner.

Afterwards, the city was partially rebuilt and occupied by wolves and Birds of Prey under Falcowit. Winslow Joveson, eldest son of King Jupiter, was installed as a puppet governor over the city, with Daggler as his lieutenant governor and leader of the Black Band. Raptor sentinels maintained security, though the threat of wolves being unleashed upon the citizens was still feared even years after the events of the afterterrors.

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